FA Cup Replay Vs Tooting and Micham

FA Cup Replay after a 3-3 was played out at newham leisure center on 5th August, We had to travel South of the water to take on tooting and Micham in the replay for the right to put our name in the next round to play Westfield who them self had to go to a replay to win against Fisher FC

We had a few changes to starting line up just to freshen it all up with a lot of game in short space of time, but the game started off well, so when Daniel Izekor was taken down in box and Richard kone steps normally you Would but your house on him scoring but the tooting and micham keeper Tom Theobald wanted to shock everyone and Saved the spot kick how ever it was short lived as Richard kone minutes cuts in from right and places ball bottom Corner for 1-0 Newham.

2 more goals were to follow in first to put Athletic Newham on front foot goals from Joel Appiah and Daniel Irekor, who took Athletic Newham into break 3-0 up

second half kicked off and Richard Kone at it again getting his 2nd of game and also meaning Athletic Newham 4-0 up also meaning thats his 5 goal in the FA Cup, with a 4-0 Scoreline people started to write of Tooting and Micham but they didn’t go down without a fight Scoring 2 late goals giving Athletic Newham Something to worry about goals coming from Shawn Lyle second Scorer unsure who it was but thankfully for Neakam the Full Time was blown and Athletic Newham was in next round of the FA Cup.

We managed to get some words from first team manager Christopher Davis

” Good performance from the lads but it Should have been a lot more Comfortable than it was in the end due to the amount of chances we had to extend our lead in the game, However we are in the next round which is the important thing and We now Shift our focus back to league action.”

Athletic Newham Line Up:-
Wilkinson Boateng, Michael Okafor, Daniel Irekor, Andy Greenslade, Richard Kone, Joel Appiah, Christopher Nguidjol, Ibrahim Camara, Thomas Gogo, Jacques Leurs, Louis Hiobi

Idris Aminu, Daayan Salifou, Jamal Jimoh

We play host to Westfield FC in the Preliminary Round of the FA Cup on the 19th August 2023 at Newham leisure centre

(Write up done by someone not at the game)

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