Match Report – London Senior Cup vs Haringey Borough

Game started fast with Newham showing they wasn’t here just for a night out they come here to take the game to Haringey Borough from the off and the long ball over the top for Daniel Izekor was looking good but Haringey Borough back line clocked on to that and got tighter to Daniel Izekor not giving him the space to get behind.

The first real shot of the game come from Haringey player Babalola but lucky for Newham it hit own player who was on the ground and diverted over, Haringey Borough took control of the first half playing the ball around and getting their wingers into the game but they couldn’t find a way through the Newham back line who where standing strong and even the one chance where Haringey got through Wilkinson was out quickly to clear the ball up not before showing he has quick feet.

Overall first half not much to write home about apart from the Haringey Borough fans singing throughout the first 45 minutes great support they have down here at Coles Park.

Half Time
Haringey Borough 0-0 Athletic Newham

Second Half kicked off with Athletic Newham attacking from the off trying to make that break through but just not having much luck with the end finish, the first shot come 51st minute when Haringey won a corner but that was cleared away by Newham back line who had been fine form all game.
Haringey had a bit of the ball having a lot of luck down the wing and a cross from the right got passed everyone and hit a Athletic Newham leg which directed it to goal but Wilkonson had other ideas and made a great save and the follow up come from a Haringey player but Wilkonson was on hand to save again.

We got our first goal of the game 62 minutes into the game when Joel Appiah was fouled to win a Spot kick which substitute Richard Kone put away sending the keeper wrong way

After the goal Newham pushed for more and must of fought they had it when moments after going 1-0 up they fought they had enough goal but some how Haringey Borough Goalkeeper Collins managed to keep ball out of the net.

72 minutes on clock saw Haringey Borough number 5 (Scott Michell) was shown a Red Card from the referee on a challenge on Athletic Newham player after he lost the ball

The 10 men of Haringey seem to be woken up by the Red Card as when Athletic Newham attacked to find that second goal Haringey was waiting for the gap and used it again Newham which they did 79 minutes gone in the game when a low cross from Left Hand made it way under Athletic Newham keeper to then hit Athletic Newham player and goes in for a Own Goal and gets Haringey back into the game, Newham tried to get the lead back but Haringey just kept blocking them out and managed to take the lead 6 minutes after coming back level this time from left side again and a cross played in this time Matthew Young shots across the goal far corner to his goal to give his side 2-1 which would be enough to win the game.

Athletic Newham where the under dogs in this game but didn’t look that way on the night it looked like Newham was going book a place in next round but sadly that wasn’t to be now we return to league action when we play Stanway Rovers this coming Saturday at home

Full Time

Haringey Borough 2-1 Athletic Newham

Starting 11

1 Wilkonson Boateng, 2 Siva Santaanyanan (17 Richard Kone), 3 Louis Hiobl, 4 Christopher Nauidjol, 8 Andy Greenslade, 9 Michael Olatunji (6 Derek O’Halm), 10 Joel Appiah (19 Daayan Salifou), 12 Michael Adu, 14 Daniel Izekor, 15 Anderson Baro, 16 Abdul Shobanale

Goals:- Richard Kone 62th Minute

Subs Not Used:- 11 Babs Sonupe, 18 Jamal Jimoh

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